Public Art

2008-2011 Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix, Arizona

Who: City of Phoenix, and Sky Harbor Airport commissioned artist Teresa Villegas to design
the new terrazzo floor at the Sky Harbor International Airport.

What: 25,000 sq. feet Terrazzo Floor Design
Where: Terminal 3, Baggage Claim Area serving airlines: American, Delta, Frontier,
JetBlue, Midwest, Northwest

This project began Sept. 2008 through the City of Phoenix and Aviation of Sky Harbor Airport.
The job was to design a 25000 sq ft. floorspace at Terminal 3, Baggage Claim Area.

The design emphasizes desert imagry, and inspiration from the bottom of the Grand Canyon
at Havasupai. The colors of blues, greens, and browns reflect an oasis of  water among the
desert environment. Small brushed aluminum metal accents of desert flying insects,
desert seeds, thorns, and branches are scattered around the baggage carousel area.

After a year+ of drafting the design, re-designs, and collaborating with DWL Architects,
Advance Terrazo, Aviation, Marzee Metal, and the City of Phoenix, we finalized the design
and began construction in the summer of 2009. Final completion January 2011.