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Exhibition at the Bellas Artes, San Miguel De Allende, MX 2003

¡La Lotería Installation Goes on Tour! Begins in Mexico, Now in the US

This Installation has received recognition from the very inception, by being awarded an Artists Project Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Arizona Commission for the Arts in 2000. Once the Lotería Installation project was complete, It began its journey in the heart of Mexico.

The elaborate premier exhibition inauguration was held on Nov.2, 2001 at the Museo de la Ciudad, Santiago de Querétaro, Qro., Mx. and exhibited there until March 2002. It then went on to tour Mexico to the cities of Celaya, Auguas Calientes, and San Miguel de Allende, curated by El Museo de la Ciudad. It was especially poignant to begin the tour in Querétaro as this is the home town of the original Lotería game, produced by the Landin family who are the owners of Don Clemente Gallo S.A. de C.V.. Gallo sponsored the inauguration of the Lotería Installation tour in Mèxico. They have been the main resource in providing the historical background information and published the “Nuevo Versión” Lotería game with the artwork from this installation to accompany the exhibition tour, and to supply the demand for the game in the American market. Royalties from the sale of the Nuevo Versión Lotería games are donated to F.A.I. Save the Children Foundation of México.

BellasArtes-innaug-FAI BellasArtes-innaug-ninos2 Bellasartes_innaug_ninos1
Opening night at the Bellas Artes, San Miguel De Allende, MX 2003, playing el Nuevo Loteria.
Event sponsored by FAI Save the Children Foundation.

The Lotería Installation returned to the States in October 2002 and completed a successful two-year traveling tour throughout the US organized by The Arizona Commission for the Arts. Subsequently, it continues today as a traveling exhibition, touring to many museums, cultural centers, and universities throughout the United States.

“The topic of La Lotería is one that everyone who was queried was eager to talk about. Perhaps because of the familial ties, or simply because of the joy that people experienced while playing Loterìa as part of their childhood… like the man who grew up in a tiny village at the foot of the volcano in Colima. He told me that he will never forget the excitement he felt as a young boy when the unannounced feria would trot into town. And when he spotted the painted wooden Loteria tablas tied to the saddle of the burro. He told me that his heart would jump – for he knew that night, they would be playing La Lotería!” -Teresa Villegas

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